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Mixing ambient and directional light highlights project's intense features. Repurposed medical glassware provides identity. Vaults are emphasized by projectors that seamlessly integrate with the surface. In collaboration with Adrian Perez.

V-ZUG Switzerland and Kitchen Avenue

Relying on repurposed medical glassware resulted in shadows cast by natural light during the day, and alternatively by selected lighting points during the night.

Pendants in oxidized black draw attention to the work-area of the kitchen.

Fakhoury Residence

Briefed with images of Alexander Calder's work, we created a mobile chandelier that floats in the living-space, leaving a subtle and powerful impact.

Shades were individually hand-hammered, a rare technique that few master today.

Anfeh Residence

Collaborating with Bernard Khoury and Maher Ghosn Architects, beams were used as a base from which our fittings protrude, clearing the ceiling of any electrical points.

A subtle bend integrated into the design allows the fixture structural integrity and added reach.

Gray Gardens

The plants in Grey Gardens boutique did not have any natural light. The application of UV fluorescent light modules acts as a light source for the plants, maintaining strong architectural presence.

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Modular / Indoor
Stainless Steel
GU4 LED 220V 40W CRI 95


Suspended / Indoor
Aluminum + Brushed / Glass
G4 220V 9W

Bird Light

Wall Mounted / Indoor
Steel / Oxidized
E27 220V / 40W

Whip Chandelier

Ceiling Mounted / Indoor
Steel + Oxidized / Glass
G4 12V 10W

Marianne (Stainless Steel)

Suspended / Indoor
Stainless Steel / Glass
G4 220V 40W


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